Amerden Inc.(美国)

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Since 1988, Amerden has been dedicated to providing functional, reliable and cost effective Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems.  We provide material handling vehicles for a variety of industries such as automotive, manufacturing, warehousing and newspapers.

Vehicle styles include standard unit loads, fork-types, tow vehicles and custom vehicles for special applications and in all of the major guidance systems.

We work closely with customers to obtain the best possible material handling solution.  Amerden is committed to providing a quality product and total customer satisfaction; our engineering staff and consultants have extensive experience and an excellent track record in designing, programming and installing AGV Systems.

Amerden specializes in replacing, retrofitting or refurbishing older AGV Systems.  We also provide AGV Electronics parts and factory-trained repair service for a wide array of AGV installations in many manufacturing and service industries.  We are always pleased to have the opportunity to discuss your AGV System requirements.