MLR System GmbH

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  • MLR System GmbH
  • 经营模式:产研销综合服务商 
  • 所在地区:德国
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  • 电话:400-019-0081
Specialists in automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)

The MLR Group is a leading global supplier of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS), material flow systems, and internal logistics.

We design, build, and install automated guided vehicle systems for new projects and modernize and expand existing systems.

As a general contractor, we not only supply the systems, we also work with our customers upon request to develop a financing concept, or fully manage the operation of the system.

Our strength is the development of specific solutions for individual customers, including specialized vehicles. These include, for example, vehicles with scanning, weighing, or metering functions, outdoor vehicles, and four-way or double forklifts.

Our engineers have the expertise as well as the determination to meet extraordinary challenges: At one automobile manufacturer, we installed a system where a total of 43 vehicles are in use. A further highlight is our automated guided heavy-duty transporter, the Caesar model, which can transport up to 63 tonnes and is used in outdoor applications as well.